Mauricio’s Art

Amigo is a digitally created colored drawing printed on high quality litho matt paper. It is the image of a happy, well dressed person looking in the mirror.

Artist and best friend, is a digitally created colored drawing printed on high quality matt litho paper. It is based on hand made drawings from sketch books. It shows a person painting a blue and black dog. This person lives in a beatiful blue house surrounded by trees. Mauricio once painted a lifesize sculpture of a pig, that was auctioned off to help the pike place market foundation in 2000. The pig called papaam raised a lot of money and made mauricio very happy while creating it, and when he saw it paraded through downtown seattle.

Bird in tis a digital drawing of a cute and happy dog. The perfect companion. Mauricio he stars, is a digitally created image derived from hand made drawings. The speed at which a computer can manipulate an image is amazing. It makes dreaming easier to explain and narrate. To get to heaven we need to go beyond the birds and stars.

Dancing tree people, is adigitally created image based on hand made drawings. Mauricio draws trees and people together because we live in a world where trees are an amazing bridge between the sun and people. Dancing is what people do to make art with their bodies and it can be beautiful and inspiring. Manipulating these drawings with a computer is fascination for a number of reasons. Variety, complexity, and speed are the most important, as it best mimics our imagination.

Glowing tree, is a mauricio rendition of moses’ burning bush, or the sun setting on another planet with a tree, that looks like it is about to beome two. In mauricio’s world trees and sun are one. Trees are an expression of the sun’s energy on this water planet. Trees give us everything that we need to live. Shelter, food, and fire.

Perro fantastico, is a digital drawing created from hand made drawings. This image depicts a cute small black dog in a garden on a sunny day, but on closer inspection we see a human inside the dog. This could be one way that mauricio explains why dogs are people’s best friends.

Planting, this digital drawing derived from a black and white pen and ink drawing of a human scooping dirt on a newly planted plant. Plants like trees are a direct expression of life and using the sun, the earth, the air and the water. Mauricio and all artists/humans do the same. As artists we transform dots, line angles, and colors to entertain ourselves and humanity.

Rainbow dog, is a digital print filled with color and whimsy. It is the pefect square image to give yourself or a friend to bring fun and beauty to any place in your home or office.

Running with flowers, is a colorful and dynamic drawingfor anyone who loves to run or has running friends. This digital print is a painting created from a wild collage of digital images and patters based on hand made drawings that mauricio has been making since his childhood. Mauricio enjoys listening to jazz music, walking and practicing yoga. This image is an xray of mauricio’s soul. It can be yours as a hand signed print on archival paper. It will bring and color to any corner of your home or office.

Tree of wonder, is a digital expression of a hand drawn tree. It is rich in pattern and eart tones. The symmetry makes it an ideal meditation piece.